Chairman West Responds to Election Inquiries

Chairman Allen West responded to election inquiries by the Houston Chronicle. The questions asked were:

1. How important is the Houston area for the Texas Republican Party’s plan to maintain a majority (or potentially expand your advantage) in the Texas House this election cycle?

2. Some polling has shown that President Trump is struggling a bit in suburban areas. The Houston-area districts that the RPT is trying to defend and flip back are mostly suburban. Does this concern you, regarding the party’s ability to win those districts? Or do you have polling data that suggests Trump and/or the GOP House candidates are well-positioned to win in Houston battleground races?

The Chairman’s response:

“The message of the Texas Democrat Party is the antithesis of what has made Houston a thriving, economically successful city. Why would anyone in Texas support an ideological agenda that embraces the Green New Deal? It would mean the end of the oil and gas industry in 10-12 years. What are the tiered effects on the economic stability of Houston?

As well, consider that it is Texas, West Texas, and Houston that have enabled America to be energy independent and a net exporter of our energy resources. Not far away, the Port of Beaumont is the number one exporter of LNG. Therefore, the insidious proposal of the Green New Deal — accepted by both Biden and Harris — results in disastrous effects upon the economic, energy, and national security of the United States, and Texas.

We will prevail by clearly articulating and delineating the detrimental effects of the progressive socialist left’s vision for Texas, and Houston. Furthermore, Houston is where the Republican Party of Texas was founded on July 4th, 1867 by 150 Black men. We will defend our home turf.

Yes, we can be successful in the Houston suburbs, especially since the left is embracing the chaos and violence of the mob. Women are the number one demographic purchasing firearms and taking concealed carry classes. I do not believe these women are purchasing firearms and investing in this training just to turn their weapons over to Robert Francis O’Rourke. Lest we forget, the vice-presidential nominee of the Progressive Socialist Party, formerly known as the Democrat Party, has vowed to use Executive Orders to eliminate, undermine, abolish the Second Amendment. Safety and security in the suburbs will win the day for the Republican Party of Texas.”

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