Chairman Allen West’s Statement on Critical Race Theory

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Austin, TX, Release: March 30, 2021 For Immediate Release    

The Texas GOP stands firmly against any attempts by leftists to implement Critical Race Theory into the Texas school system. This ideology is at war not just with individuality and the free market but with the very foundational principles of our Republic. We cannot allow the poison of that ideology to be promoted in Texas schools. 

Below, our Chairman Allen West lays out what is on the line and what the Texas GOP is doing to fight this collectivist and racist philosophy. Chairman West’s statement: 

“The purpose of education is to prepare our children to be critical thinkers and productive members of our society by providing them with tools for success.  It should not be the goal of our educational system to become a center for indoctrination. However, that is exactly what Critical Race Theory is all about. When reading the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, you find that one of the tenets of Marxism is State control of education. For Marx it was all about fomenting class division and warfare. Critical Race Theory introduces race to this strategy.  Marxism was focused on the destruction of the individual, and advancing the idea of collectivism. Critical Race Theory does exactly that. It redefines us based upon race rather than our individuality. It declares that America is, always has been, and always will be a racist country. It erodes the fundamental premise of America, namely, equality of opportunity, and replaces it with equity, to be achieved by equality of outcomes. 

The Texas legislative session is facing this onslaught with several of legislation that advances Critical Race Theory from a progressive socialist standpoint. They are HB 57, HB 3211, SB 229, and SB 1740. These pieces of legislation speak to “project-based civics, “a euphemism for giving kids class credit for participating in left-wing protests.  

As well, there is this concept of “civics academies,” which does nothing more than open the doors to left-wing activism among our children. Vladimir Lenin once asserted, “give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world” and “give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” 

The Texas GOP supports SB 2026 and HB 4509, the Informed Patriotism Bill, requiring that Texas civics classes focus on founding documents, Lincoln-Douglas debates, and the Federalist Papers . . . not leftist ideological indoctrination. 

Critical Race Theory has no place in Texas. But, we must be vigilant and resolute to ensure that does not happen. This is what Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has pledged. So we must as well, in the Lone Star State.” 

The Republican Party of Texas will not allow Texas public schools to devolve into left-wing propaganda mills. We must defend our children from this vile ideology.  


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