Bill Flores Statement on Trump Executive Order on Policing

“Yesterday, President Trump took bold action to address calls for equality, justice, and accountability from law enforcement agencies by issuing an executive order to strengthen community-law enforcement relationships and restore public trust. To create the change Americans expect, we must focus on three main aspects – promoting transparency to build community trust, enhancing performance with comprehensive training that will help our officers carry out their duties, and ensuring that police officers who fail to uphold their oath are held accountable. President Trump’s executive order helps fulfill these goals.

“President Trump’s executive order also demonstrates that we can accomplish these goals without surrendering to Democrat efforts to defund the police, reduce community safety, and encourage anarchy.  The overwhelming majority of police officers are committed public servants who put their lives on the line every day to serve hardworking American families in our communities.  Radical ideas like defunding the police will not improve community relations, but will instead needlessly put all communities at risk, particularly our must vulnerable populations.

“While this executive order is an important first step, I look forward to working with U.S. Attorney General William Barr and my colleagues in Congress to pass permanent legislation that reflects the goals of promoting transparency, enhancing performance, and ensuring accountability. Americans are demanding improvements and it is our job to listen and deliver.”

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