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Nobody can deny that keeping Texas RED is of utmost importance not only to our great state, but also the viability of our great nation.  With the general election nearing The Republican Party of Brazos County wants to stay in touch with you and your neighbors to inform you of events, what’s happening in Austin, and what’s happening in D.C. that affects you.  We will not bombard you with offers or solicitations.  You can also remove your email address at any time with the unsubscribe button located in every email.  However, we dont want you to miss opportunities like Senator Ted Cruz coming to headquarters as he did last week.  We had a 48 hour window to let the public know he would be appearing.  The political world largely operates today through electronic media where word spreads quickly and more efficiently.

Please invite your GOP friends to sign up for our updates.  It is our goal to keep everyone informed more effectively.


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